BBC designs new icons

A massive task as part of the Global Language project to streamline all the icons across digital BBC.

BBC icons

















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Active Volcano Trip

When visiting lanzarote this summer we came across some very unexpected sites, i would recommend it to anyone. The first image is taken from Costa Los Hervideros, which is a popular tourist spot because it is where the lava met the sea. Here you can see where the lava has cooled, and sort of still looks like it is dripping into the sea.

The green lake was a shock, we had no idea why the lagune was bright green at El Golfo, but it was a magnificent sight anyway.

The final image is when we went up on a bus to the top of the volcanos in the national park. After the long queues, it was worth it to see the sights at the top. I had no idea there would have been so many. Naively I thought all the lava was caused from just one volcano! You can see where the lava stream was and how this formed the layers in the rocks. We left this trip until the last day but wish we could have had more time, as the smaller villages around looked like they did some amazing authentic Tapas.

volcano lanzorotegreen lake volcano lava stream smaller

Branding: Tesco finest new packaging

Absolutely love Tesco’s new packaging for their finest chocolate. The hand drawn illustrations are beautiful and reflect the origin of the chocolate itself. My favourite has to be the Madagascan.

The design agency behind these designs is Parker Williams, check out their other designs for the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference range.

Tesco finest dark chocolate t4606-tesco-finest-swiss-white-chocolate-cop_660 t4606-tesco-finest-so-madagascan-chocolate-cop_660

Elderflower Cordial easy recipe

I am obsessed with Elderflower and it is growing everywhere, look out for it along the road side in the hedgerows. Once it has flowered the flowers turn to sloes that can be picked in September ready for a tasty sloe gin recipe – watch this space


Elderflower in full bloom

Outside my flat there is quite a large Elderflower bush so on our way back from a long walk I picked about 20 Elderflower heads and in 2 days I have my very own delicious Elderflower Cordial!

Perfect for long summer days out in the sunshine, mixed with water & ice, gin or vodka or just some soda water to keep you refreshed and tipsy.

What you’ll need

  • 20-30 Elderflower heads in full bloom
  • 2 litres cold water
  • 1.25kg sugar
  • 3 lemons thinly sliced
  • 3 tbs citric acid


  • Sterilized large bucket
  • 3 sterilized wine bottles

First of all put a heaped teaspoon of sterilising solution into a large bucket

Leave this to clean and then lay out your Elderflower heads on some news paper so the bugs can crawl out

elderflower lemon and sugar

elderflower lemon and sugar

When the bucket is ready, mix all ingredients together and leave overnight, longer if you havn’t got the time straight away – it doesn’t matter too much. I’ve left mine for 3 days before and it has turned out fine, just ensure it is kept in a cool dark place. Every now and again give the ingredients a stir.

When ready strain out all the lemon and elderflower heads into wine bottles. It is seriously that easy and it’s ready to be sampled!

This will keep for about a month in the fridge, if you would like it to last longer then you can pop a campden tablet into the cordial and then it may last up to 3 months. Alternatively you can put into suitable containers and freeze until you’re ready to use it.

Over the weekend in photographs

This weekend was a good time to try out my new camera. Got lots of nature walks in, sunsets and even some football

Leicestershire sunset

Sun setting just outside the flat looking over towards Melton Mowbray


blue sky

Clouds on a lovely sunny day


Colin the Rooster

Colin the Rooster on his daily prowl


Nans home made apple pie

Nans home made apple pie


Butterfly on a dandelion

Butterfly on a dandelion


Peggy the horse at the allotment

Peggy the horse at the allotment



Alex playing football in the garden


portrait of natasha

Natasha eating a chocolate chick



Dandelion gone to seed in a field in Leicestershire